Digital Planning for Accuracy

Digital work-up and computer-assisted implant dental implant planning allows safe and precise placement of dental implants. This in-turn eliminates complications associated with poor implant positioning and orientation. Using this approach, the entire surgical and restorative treatment plans are designed BEFORE any procedures are performed on patients. In-addition, patients can complete their treatment in less time and visits with great accuracy and remarkable results.

The benefits of digital implant dentistry include:

  • Improved surgical and restorative diagnostics
  • Precise positioning of dental implants
  • Improved accuracy of surgical and restorative plan
  • Determine appropriate implant width and length
  • Eliminate risks of injuries to nerves
  • Eliminate risks of injuries to adjacent teeth
  • Eliminate penetration into maxillary sinus (for implants in the back of the upper jaw
  • Less visits for patients
  • Less visits for patients