The Impact of Teeth Loss

Complete loss of teeth and use of simple dentures is a crippling disease impacting the livelihood and quality of life. Patients can not eat well and stop smiling. With loss of teeth, the jaw bone also deteriorates rapidly. As the jaw bone melts away and gum shrinks your muscles migrate, or pull back, from their natural position. Your lips lose the support, and wrinkles increase dramatically as your facial structures & bite collapse. The results are inability or difficulty to eat, loss of confidence, embarrassment, and accelerated feeling and appearance of aging.
You don’t have to live your life with such a crippling problem. Millions of people now days have benefited from dental implants supporting new teeth that they can use to chew better, smile more, and improve their overall quality of life. Lifetime Dental Implants at 3D Dental implant clinic, Kolkata india is ready to help you.

Problems With Dentures

If you replace your missing teeth with simple dentures, the most common difficulties you face are unstable & loosening of the denture mainly the lower denture during eating , talking or smiling .The loose denture constantly put you in a fear that it may comes out any time, causes loss of confidence & embarrassment. The difficulty in chewing also put u on selective food that affects your overall health.

How Dental Implants Help

Replacing your teeth with implant supported overdentures (or bridges) eliminates all the difficulties of denture. No more your denture or teeth get loose during eating, talking & smiling. You regain your self confidence. No more you have to be on selective foods. Now you can enjoy chewing nutritious food & other food of your choice.

Am I A Candidate For Dental Implant?

With very few exceptions, almost everyone can have dental implants and enjoy its benefits and added quality of life. Age, osteoporosis, and inadequate bone will not limit you from getting implants and improving your chewing, smile, and overall life quality.

Treatment Options

There are several treatment options for people who have missing all of their teeth in either jaw or both jaws, or those who wear loose, uncomfortable, slippery, dentures on upper & or lower jaw or those who are about to loose all of their teeth. You may choose between a fixed or removable prosthesis, each requiring a certain number of implants and planning

To know which option best suits your mouth as per your desire, expectation, age, medical condition etc. visit at our specialized Dental Implant center – 3D Dental Implant Clinic Kolkata for expert consultation by Dr. Harendra shahi, MDS, Prosthodontist & Implantologist to know more.

Removable Prosthesis (Overdentures)

A removable set of teeth that may be supported by 2, 3, or 4 dental implants. A simple and less costly option to replace missing teeth providing good function and preserving the jaw bone from shrinkage.

Fixed Hybrid Prosthesis

A full set of teeth which are fixed and completely supported by dental implants. This design utilizes 4 to 8 dental implants depending on patient’s jaw anatomy and span of the bite.

Fixed Implant-Supported Bridger

A conventional bridge supported by 6 to 8 dental implants. This option is possible when the bone has normal architecture and patient desires closest look and feel of natural teeth.


All-on-4 concept is a fully fixed set of teeth on 4 dental implants. Variations of this design may be all-on-5 or all-on-6 resembling the design of a fixed hybrid prosthesis. This is a minimal design for a fixed set of teeth and may be appropriate for those with less available bone.


‘Same-Day-Teeth’ or ‘Teeth-in-a-Day’ refer to a treatment approach where a patient can have remaining teeth extracted with immediate placement of dental implants and delivery of an implant-supported fixed temporary prosthesis. Patient literally leaves the office with a new set of teeth on the same day.

Mini Dental Implants

For those patients with significant loss of bone who don’t want bone grafting for conventional dental implants, mini dental implants may just be the right choice. Mini dental implants are significantly less costly and provide great support for dentures making it more stable and comfortable to chew with- no more denture adhesives!

Your Next Step

So you have complete missing teeth or about to loose the remaining teeth or loose uncomfortable denture and don’t know how to proceed. You have questions on the best treatment approach and which type of teeth best meets your needs. And of course want to know how much it costs and which option is most affordable. Your next step is to learn about treatment options by visiting to 3D Dental Implant clinic,Kolkata,india.