Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth should always be replaced to avoid the following consequences:

Loss of Chewing Function:

Losing teeth significantly affects your ability to chew and eat your favorite foods. Often, people change to softer diet or avoid chewing on one side or the other to compensate for this loss that may lead to TMJ disorder or digestion problem.

Poor Aesthetics and Smile:

Tooth loss, especially in the upper front area of your mouth also known as the smile or aesthetic zone, compromises your smile & confidence . People with missing teeth or aesthetically unpleasing teeth often cover their mouth when talking or smiling. It can also affect one’s speaking.

Damage to Adjacent Teeth:

Following teeth loss, the remaining teeth have to carry the ‘load’ during your chewing. The excessive forces can result in chipping, fractures, or potential gum disease with loss of bone. Once the bite balance has been compromised by tooth loss, it becomes increasingly worse as the other teeth suffer such damage and begin to shift. To prevent bite misbalance replaces the missing teeth by its specialist as early as possible.

Bone Loss:

Following tooth loss, the supporting jaw bone undergoes significant remodeling and shrinkage. This will result in defects that are unsightly, difficult to clean, and difficult to correct later. This can easily be prevented by replacing the missing teeth with implants early or by natural looking CAD-CAM crown & bridge.

Shifting of Other Teeth

Tooth loss causes shifting or moving of adjacent and opposing teeth. The back teeth begin to tilt forward and the opposing teeth start shifting up or down. All of this results in malocclusion bite collapse (poor bite), increase in teeth fractures and increased bone loss (periodontal disease). Once teeth have shifted, correction is difficult and costly. It is best to replace missing teeth before such changes occur. Consult your Prosthodontist for proper method to restore the missing teeth as early as possible.

Loss of facial Balance and Support:

Loss of many teeth in the back results in ‘bite collapse’. The jaw then over closes putting more pressure on the front teeth causing them to flare out. Facial wrinkles develop around the mouth and the lips start to sink inward (This is the classic tooth-less aging person look). Some people also begin to develop facial pain and TMJ problems. These are serious permanent changes which can be easily prevented by replacing missing teeth in a timely fashion.

Loss of Self-Esteem and Social Comfort:

Having a healthy mouth and nice smile greatly contributes to one’s sense of self-esteem and comfort in social settings. We have met many patients whose lives greatly suffered from oral health negligence. Overall quality of life is enhanced with replacement of teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth.